WordPress文章插件推荐-Justified Image Grid

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E6Sv8R Wordpress文章插件推荐 Justified Image Grid

WordPress文章插件推荐-Justified Image Grid,This responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails into a justified grid using jQuery. Flickr and Google+ both featured images like this. Present your galleries in an eye-catching and unique new way! It can boost the standard WP galleries as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features and options. WP3.5 will manage the galleries and this plugin will display them. Or alternatively you can load images from Facebook and Flickr or use NextGEN gallery as an image manager/source. You’ll be able to make a responsive banner/slider of Recent posts using their featured images!

这个敏感的WordPress插件将你的缩略图画廊为一个合理的网格使用jQuery。Flickr和谷歌+既像这样的图像。在一个引人注目的,独特的新方法,目前你的画廊!它可以提高标准的可湿性粉剂画廊[ justified_image_grid ]的新功能和许多选项。wp3.5将管理画廊和这个插件将显示。或者你可以加载图像从脸谱网和Flickr或使用下一代画廊的形象作为经理/源。你可以做出一个横幅/滑响应最近的帖子使用他们的图片!